Rope Fundamentals II Notes


  • Never leave someone alone in bondage!
  • Don’t do rope under the influence of drugs/alcohol!
  • Falling is always a risk so be prepared.
  • Only gag someone who you can easily read non-verbal cues with.
  • Make sure the gag is easy to take off for checking in.
  • Always make sure to have cutting tools handy.

Nerve locations and checks

  • and
  • For TK: Most common problems result from lower wraps, rope under the armpit and shoulder straps however everybody is different.
  • In the event of nerve issue: untie gently, give the limp time to rest and recover. Do not massage or compress it. Take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and add B12 supplements to your diet.
  • Body care for rope tops and bottoms –

Practice rope control, flow, and efficiency.

2 TK

Ebi / Agura

Hip Harness



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