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Below are some links to learn about safety in rope bondage (commonly called shibari which just means tying in Japanese).  Being tied has risks and it is very important to make informed decisions about it.  Nearly every person in the rope community that has been tied for a few years has experienced some form of nerve issues.  Most are minor and do not affect a person’s day to day life but there is always a risk.  The first and foremost thing to remember is that if anything feels weird, uncomfortable or you want untied for any reason whatsoever, let the person tying you know ASAP.  The sooner anything is taken care of, the better.  Also feel free to ask questions at any time before, during, and after.  If you have any concerns about how these possible risks may impact your day to day life should anything happen, your top should be able to easily find other ties and positions that alleviate those risks.  Injuries are rare but it is very important to learn about them, understand the risks and make an informed decision.  Also, I always recommend that you learn how to tie a little bit as it can be a good way to vet potential partners.  I have a free fundamentals class available here.

Rope Bottom Guide

General Rope Safety (Mainly Anatomy)

Hand Checks

Body Awarness in Rope

Nerve info

History and Myths of Japanese Rope by Midori

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